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Three are no refunds for translations or interpreting services.  For interpreting assignments there is a 2-3 hour minimum charge depending on the language requested. Expenses such as travel, parking and mileage are charged separate.  For interpreting services a cancellation must be received before 48 hours of appointment time not counting the weekend or a holiday or the minimum charge will still apply.  Rates for written translation services vary between .25 and .75 a word depending on factors such as the language, subject matter, deadline and the layout and format of the document.  All payments are due within 30 days of  the first invoice date.  A monthly late charge of 3% will be applied to any outstanding balances until payment is received in full.  ILB assumes no liability or responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of any unforeseen occurrence or of the interpreting and-or translating services provided.  In the event of an unresolved dispute between the parties the consumer-client agrees that all matters must be resolved in Ashtabula County, Ohio at the sole expense of the consumer-client including but not limited to any and all legal fees, expenses and-or costs incurred by ILB. This disclaimer applies to all 50 states and territories and every and anywhere else that ILB provides services.



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