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 International Language Bank Services

Professional Written Translations

In over 200 languages for any subject matter including legal, medical, technical and scientific material.  International Language Bank translators are all native speakers of the target language who have up-to-date knowledge of current usage in their language, culture and subject areas.  The majority of the translators hold advance college degrees in a vast number of technical fields. 

Professional Onsite Interpreters

International Language Bank has an unsurpassed network of interpreters providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services worldwide. We will assist you Img5.pngwith your business negotiations, investigations, meetings and seminars and personal needs.  The interpreters will meet you on location and stay with you as long as needed.  Strict and complete confidentiality is assured.


Video Subtitling and Audio Voice-Overs 

International Language Bank will provide professional video subtitling in any language in VHS and DVD formats.  All audio voice overs are narrated by native speakers of the target language.


Website Localization & Desktop Publishing

We can translate your website and deliver effective localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily accessible to your target audience.


Transcription Services                                               

We can save you time and provide you with accurate transcriptions of audio and video recordings in any language. 


Private Language Instruction

Private language instruction is available for groups or individuals.  Please call for to inquire about the availability of a specific language in your location. 



We seek to help our clients assimilate into their surroundings whether it be for their short term or long term assignments.  Our customized consulting services include language instruction and country specific awareness programs for executives, in-country marketing, sales support and business development.  Img5.png

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